Episode: Tell Me the Way
Sentai Show: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

Zaggai is voiced by Keiichi Sonobe.


Zaggai (ザッガイ?): An anglerfish like Action Commander who shoots the Vibrational Destruction Beam (振壊ビーム Shinkai Bīmu?) sent to retrieve a deadly metal called Poisole (プワゾール Puwazōru?), confronting Kyousuke Jinnai of the Carrangers during the search. However, Zaggai ends up being a victim of circumstance as the Gokaigers defeat him for "kidnapping" Ahim and then destroy him with Shinken Gokaioh.


  • Height - 200cm
    • Giant Form - 50.0m
  • Weight - 153Kg
    • Giant Form - 382.5t
  • detector / Puwazoru enhanced remodeling, break beam amplitude
  • recovery strategy / Puwazoru special mission

Sortie was ordered to recover the dangerous Puwazoru fell to Earth, Captain Action Zangyack space empire. Originally, will be flashing the light organ of the head, which is capable of detecting alien surroundings like a radar. Enhanced light-emitting organ, has been subjected to surgery on his left arm Puwazoru remodeling mount detectors. By raising the head in all directions from this detected signal is amplified, it is possible to detect weak Puwazoru perfect little wave. Also, from organs such as eyes on stalks on both sides, capable of emitting a powerful beam.