Gender: Male
Villain Type: Boss
Season: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Homeworld: unknown
First Appearance: Kick into Overdrive I
Last Appearance: Nothing to Lose
Number of Episode
Actor: Mark Ferguson

Years ago, Moltor, and his brother Flurious had found the Corona Aurora Crown. They raced along side each other, eager to steal the crown. When they touched the crown, they were both transform and banished to separate planets. Moltor, as well Flurious, was imprison on the planet. Years later, Andrew Hartford had found the Corona Aurora crown. When Andrew Hartford touched the crown, Moltor and Flurious were released from their imprisonment. Within six months, Moltor and his Lava Lizards, and Flurious and his Chillers began attacking Earth. Moltor had a perfect place for his base of operation, inside the walls of a volcano. Moltor also had a basin that gave him information. The basis showed Moltor where the Corona Aurora crown was now. Moltor sent several of his Lava Lizards to fetch the crown. The Lava Lizards arrived on the lawn of the Hartford mansion. The Lava Lizards battled the four teens on the yard. The teens made their getaway. Later, several Lava Lizards joined the Chillers in their battled against the Power Rangers. Two Lava Lizards grabbed a hold of Andrew Hartford. As the battle continued, Moltor arrived. Moltor tossed Mr. Hartford to the ground. Moltor then picked him up and demanded to know where the crown was. Moltor was knocked off his feet by Red Ranger. Moltor got up, still wanting the crown. A couple of Lava Lizards walked up to Moltor, with crown in hand. Moltor was thrilled to have the crown. Spencer had joined the Power Rangers and Mr. Hartford. Spencer apologized, telling the group the Lava Lizards had overpowered him. Moltor then blew off the top of a volcano. He told the group they could come after him, or rescue the people, since they wanted to be heroes. Moltor and his Lava Lizards vanished.

Moltor soon discovered that the Corona Aurora crown he had, was in fact a fake. Moltor and a couple of Lava Lizards went to the Hartford mansion. They entered the mansion and went to Mr. Hartford's office. Mr. Hartford happened to be in his office and was taking the real crown out of the safe. Moltor: Very clever! Now I'll take the real crown. Moltor not only took the real crown, but captured Mr. Hartford as well. Moltor and the Lava Lizards left Mr. Hartford's office in shambles. Moltor took Mr. Hartford to a beach and threw him down onto the sand. Flurious was there as well. Flurious: Ahh, brother. Really nice to see you survive all these years. Moltor replied that Flurious' insincerity shined through like always. Flurious noted that Moltor had the crown and asked who the man was. Andrew Hartford stood up and told Flurious who he was and demanded that he be released. Flurious recognized him as the man who had found the crown for them. Moltor was surprised by this statement, but hid it well, agreeing with Flurious. Although Moltor had no intention of sharing the crown with Flurious. Flurious suggested that Mr. Hartford find the jewels for them as well. Mr. Hartford refused, but neither Moltor nor Flurious pay him any attention. It was getting to warm for Flurious and he told Moltor he would return when it was not so warm. Moltor told Flurious to return to his ice cube, he would take care of everything. Flurious warned him not to fail him. Flurious then left. Moltor and several Lava Lizards took Mr. Hartford to Rotondo Island and inside the cave of a volcano. Moltor demanded that Mr. Hartford help them. Mr. Hartford still refused. Moltor then tossed one of the Lava Lizards into the bottom of the lava. Mr. Hartford was stunned when the Lava Lizard climbed back out. Moltor told Mr. Hartford that the Lava Lizards are not effected by the molten lava. Moltor wanted to see if the same could be said of Mr. Hartford and tossed Mr. Hartford in. Moltor was furious when Dax appeared and using a hook and rope, swung and caught Mr. Hartford before he fell into the lava. They landed safely. Dax fought off several Lava Lizards, but soon Moltor join the battle. Dax and Mr. Hartford took off running. They were soon with the rest of the teens. Moltor was close at their heels. The teens morphed. Moltor and the Lava Lizards battled the Power Rangers. The Rangers did well, but it was time to leave and they took off in the S.H.A.R.C. Moltor was furious, but he was not done yet. Moltor vowed to destroy the island and all the living creatures on it. Moltor created a monster to attack the island. Soon the Rangers were back on the island. The Rangers formed their Drive Max Megazord. the Rangers did well against Moltor's monster and it was soon on the ground. Moltor had been watching the battle from his basin and muttered to himself that the battle was not over yet. Moltor used a device that caused the monster to rise again. The battle continued with the Rangers eventually destroying the monster. Later, Moltor and Flurious meet once more. Flurious was upset with Moltor. No jewels had been found and Mr. Hartford had escape. Moltor admitted the Rangers had given him more trouble than he expected. Flurious slyly suggested that maybe he should keep the crown. Moltor told Flurious that would be a cold day in his lava pit. Flurious began angry at Moltor and fired at him. Moltor fired back and soon the two brothers were battling. Neither one won the battle. Flurious declared that it was every man for himself and Moltor couldn't agree more.

Moltor appeared on Flurious' screen in his ice cave. Moltor asked Flurious if he had seen the Rangers. Flurious told him no he hadn't, but he would be sure to let him know when he does. In fact Flurious had just spotted the Rangers, but wasn't about to let Moltor know that. Moltor vanished from the screen.

Moltor was inside his volcano. He was very pleased with the Lava Lizards process with a weather device he was creating. His screen showed Norg. Norg asked Moltor if King Flurious could speak to him. Moltor was not happy to see Flurious appear on the screen and told him he was no King. Flurious asked him what he was doing and Moltor told him it was none of his concern. Flurious told Moltor he would be watching him, he could use a good laugh. Moltor threaten Norg, which made Norg vanish from the screen. The weather device was almost complete, it just needed a sub atomic generator. Moltor knew where one was at, in Australia. Moltor, and several Lava Lizards, went to Australia and attacked a driver for the Energy Agency. The driver had jumped out of the vehicle, but was caught by several Lava Lizards. Before the Lava Lizards could remove the sub atomic generator, the Power Rangers arrive. Red Ranger had shouted to the rest of the Rangers that he would rescue the drive, they needed to battle Moltor. Moltor had no problem battling four of the Rangers. The Rangers were slightly distracted when the driver went off the cliff, although Black Ranger did rescue him. The Lava Lizards got the sub atomic generator. Moltor had knocked Red Ranger off his feet. Moltor mocked the Rangers. He then told the Lava Lizards they knew what to do, before Moltor and the Lava Lizards vanished. Later, the Lava Lizards were back and battling the Rangers. Red Ranger had gotten hold of one of the Lava Lizards and asked him what Moltor was up to. The Lava Lizard replied he would never tell. The three Lava Lizards were destroyed by Moltor as Moltor arrived, with more Lava Lizards. The Lava Lizards had his weather device, which had already cause numerous rain problems and floods around the world. Moltor told the Rangers he was going to destroy the world, and then his brother will respect him. Suddenly the device went haywire and it started to snow. Moltor had no idea what to do. The sudden snow soon caused an avalanche and the zords and four of the Rangers were buried beneath the snow. Only Red Ranger had ejected from his zord in time. Moltor was ready to battle Red Ranger. Moltor and Red Ranger battled, and Red Ranger defeated Moltor. Moltor was not done as he returned to his volcano and tried to get the Lava Lizards to fix his device. The Lava Lizards were having problems and it did not help when Flurious and Norg appeared on the screen. Flurious was very amused and Moltor threaten Norg, who took off running. Moltor turned off the screen before Flurious could make any more comments. Moltor had the weather device turned into a monster. But that didn't work either. The Rangers destroyed the monster with their Drive Max Megazord. Moltor couldn't believe it. Flurious appeared on the screen once more. Flurious asked Moltor if he didn't know that you can't combine alien technology with human technology without a few adjustments. Flurious assumed Moltor was absent that day. Moltor told Flurious he may be smarter than him, but he was a warrior. Once he found the Corona Aurora jewels, he would be powerful and Flurious would bow to him. Flurious told him only in his dreams before vanishing.

Moltor was inside his volcano and feeling very frustrated. Numerous Lava Lizards are there as well. Moltor: You call yourselves the elite of my forces. You're all failures! the Power Rangers are still our biggest threat and we don't have a single jewel. You're all useless! No, I have another idea. I need one of you. But which one? Hmmm, let's just find out who deserves to be a part of an experiment and who does not. Moltor took his Lava Lizards outside. He watched as one Lava Lizard battle several Lava Lizards. There were numerous Lava Lizards behind him. Moltor: Yes, yes, a good fight, but we'll see how really tough you are. Get him! Moltor watched as the one Lava Lizard battle numerous Lava Lizards until he was the only one standing. Moltor stopped the Rangers hiding and blasted them. Moltor then used his power towards the Lava Lizard. The Lava Lizard might not survive the experiment, but if he did, he would be the most powerful Lava Lizard of them all. Moltor's experiment worked and the Lava Lizard was transform into the monster Valcon. The Rangers tried to stop Moltor and Valcon. Moltor and Valcon defeated the Rangers easily and then walked away. Moltor and Valcon returned to the volcano. Moltor was very pleased with Valcon. Valcon was very powerful. But Moltor knew the Power Rangers were also powerful. Moltor wanted to make sure Valcon was even more powerful. Moltor knew how, by the help of Mr. Hartford himself. Moltor and Valcon arrived on the loading dock. Hartford Industries was getting ready to transport a dragon scale to the Hartford mansion. Moltor and Valcon had chased the drivers away. Soon the Rangers arrive. Moltor and Valcon battled the Rangers. Moltor had the dragon scale. Red Ranger grabbed Valcon and exposed Valcon's back to the rest of the Rangers. It was Valcon's weak side and the rest of the Rangers fired at him. Moltor was furious. Moltor stopped the Rangers from hurting Valcon. Moltor and Valcon vanished. Moltor needed time for Valcon to heal. Moltor wanted Valcon to become a powerful dragon. Moltor and Valcon returned to the city. Inside one of the buildings, Moltor placed the dragon scale and was using it's power to power up Valcon. The heat in the building was intense. The teens had arrived, but couldn't find Moltor. Moltor blasted them off their feet and told them they needed to look harder. Moltor and the Rangers battled. Red Ranger shouted at the rest of the Rangers to get the dragon scale, he would hold off Moltor. Moltor and Red Ranger battle. Moltor retreated, telling Red Ranger he didn't like big noises. Red Ranger formed the Drive Max Megazord and the rest of the Rangers joined him in the Megazord. With the Cement Truck zord attached to the Megazord and managed to control some of the damage to the building. Moltor was upset. Moltor was even more upset when Valcon stumbled out with no improvement. The Rangers had managed to get the dragon scale back. The Rangers used their new Defense Vest and Drill Blaster to destroy Valcon. Moltor vowed it was not over before he stormed away.

Moltor was inside his volcano. He was very pleased as he watched his Lava Lizards work on a Giant Robot. Moltor laughed a little. Moltor: This is my greatest achievement. With this powerful machine, I'll destroy the Rangers, on my way to the jewels. Flurious: Impressive. Quite impressive. Moltor turned around and saw that Flurious, Norg, and several Chillers had entered. Moltor: Flurious! Flurious told Moltor it was quite warm and asked him to turn up the AC. Moltor pulled a Lava Lizard aside and asked him to turn up the heat as well. Moltor wanted to know what Flurious was doing. Flurious told him since Miratrix had released Kamdor and had the parchment which would lead to the Torhu diamond, he thought they should work together. Moltor was unsure, but went along with the plan. Moltor and Flurious, along with their Lava Lizards and Chillers, attacked the city. Flurious was confident this would draw out the Ranges, and it did. Moltor and Flurious watched as the Rangers battled several Lava Lizards and Chillers. Moltor was ready to go forth the Giant Robot, but Flurious wanted to wait. Flurious wanted to tire out the Ranges. Red Ranger came towards them. Moltor and Flurious battled Red Ranger. Even with his Defender Vest, Red Ranger was unable to defeat Moltor and Flurious. Now was the time. the Giant Robot broke through the pavement and came up from beneath the ground. Moltor and Flurious boarded the Giant Robot. Red Ranger contacted Spencer and the Drive Max zords were sent out. The Rangers quickly formed the Drive Max Megazord. The battle continue. Moltor and Flurious were doing well against the Rangers and their Megazord. the Ranger had more Drive Max zords sent out. It was no problem. Especially when Dragonizer made it's appearance. Moltor and Flurious soon had the Megazord wrapped in chains and started to drag it away, with the giant Robot and Dragonizer. They arrive on a secret island. Moltor and Flurious were pleased. Flurious was especially pleased when they not only got the Megazord, but a life force as well. It turned out to be Mack. Moltor and Flurious captured Mack and had him handcuffed. Mack was confident his friends would find them. Flurious ripped the Tracker from Mack. Flurious told him they were on a secret island. Mack told Flurious that he underestimated his friends. Flurious pushed Mack along. they reached the inside of a cave. Norg had been busy putting together a cell. Moltor wanted to go ahead and destroy Mack. Red Ranger was too powerful to keep around. Flurious told Moltor he was so short sighted. They might need Mack to run the Megazord, if they cannot. Mack was thrown into the cell. Flurious placed Norg in charge of guarding it. Moltor and Flurious left. Later, Moltor entered the cave to check on the prisoner. Mack laughed and told Moltor he couldn't believe he had fallen for the check on the prisoner while I take the Megazord. Moltor became enraged as he thought of his brother double crossing him. Moltor stormed out to get some Lava Lizards. When Moltor reentered the cave, Flurious was there, with several Chillers. Moltor and Flurious hollered at each other. Flurious realized Mack had set them up. Mack continued to play along, pretending it had been part of the plan. Mack called Moltor a nitwit and Flurious wimpy. this enraged the brothers more. Mack then asked them what was the story on the sled. That was enough for Moltor. Moltor became to battle Flurious. The Lava Lizards and Chillers battled each other. As they were occupied, Mack had managed to escape with his Tracker. Flurious noticed Mack escaping. Moltor and Flurious sent several Lava Lizards and Chillers to go after Mack. Moltor and Flurious were on the beach, with Giant Robot and Dragonizer. Red Ranger had managed to get back into the Megazord and the rest of the Rangers had arrived. Moltor and Flurious battled the Rangers in their Megazord. they were doing well until the Rangers combined all their zords to form the Super Drive Max Megazord. Moltor and Flurious were upset when Giant Robot and Dragonizer were destroyed. Later, Moltor and Flurious were on the beach once more. Norg was there as well. Moltor no longer wanted to work with Flurious. Flurious agreed. Moltor and Flurious and Norg walked away from each other. Moltor overheard Flurious tell Norg he was glad he had destroyed his sled. Moltor was enraged once more. Flurious heard him give a cry of rage and turned around. Moltor and Flurious charged towards each other, ready to fight each other once more.

Moltor was in the woods with several Lava Lizards. Moltor: I've summon Scaletex to help us. Yes, descend! A monster, Scaletex dropped down from the sky. Moltor: Welcome. Find Kamdor and Miratrix. Moltor wanted Scaletex to get the parchment, that he felt rightfully belonged to him. Later, inside a cave, Kamdor would destroy Scaletex by having rocks fall on him. Moltor was furious when he found out. After awhile, Kamdor, Miratrix, two monster, and several ninjas under Kamdor's spell walk into the city. Moltor and several Lava Lizards arrive. Moltor was ready to take his revenge on them for destroying Scaletex. Moltor and his Lava Lizards battled Kamdor, Miratrix, the two monster and the ninjas. Soon the Power Rangers arrived. Moltor decided to work alongside Kamdor and Miratrix, if it meant the destruction of the Power Rangers. The Power Rangers could not keep up with the endless supply of bad guys. Eventually the Transtek Armor arrived. Blue Ranger operated it. The battle continued. The Lava Lizards were destroyed as was the two monsters. During the battle, the Kamdor lost the parchment to Blue Ranger. Moltor decided he had had enough and retreated. In a short time, Miratrix and Kamdor would do the same. When they left, the spell the ninjas were under was broken.

Moltor was inside his volcano when his brother summon him on screen. Flurious told Moltor he heard he had the parchment to lead to the second jewel of the Corona Aurora. Moltor told Flurious he almost had the parchment, but the Rangers had it know. Flurious told Moltor he had failed once more. Moltor became furious and told his brother he would not fail before vanishing from the screen. Moltor put a new plan in action very quickly. He had several Lava Lizards go out and get Tyzonn for him. Moltor waited impatiently for Tyzonn to arrive. Finally, several Lava Lizards dragged Tyzonn in. Moltor told Tyzonn he had a task for him and once he did it, their agreement would be fulfilled. Moltor wanted Tyzonn to get a parchment from the Rangers. Tyzonn was surprised at how easy the task was. Moltor created a monster to help Tyzonn. Tyzonn and the monster left. Later, Moltor was out in the field. Tyzonn had only a piece of the parchment. The Rangers had the most important part. The monster told Tyzonn that Moltor would not be happy. Moltor was very upset. Moltor told Tyzonn to get the rest of the parchment. Tyzonn and the monster left once more. During a battle with the Rangers, Tyzonn had left with Mack. Eventually Tyzonn returned to the battle and told the monster he would not work for Moltor again. Moltor arrived and was very angry. He battled Tyzonn, wanting to punish the traitor. Mack arrived and push Tyzonn out of the ay. Mack yelled at Moltor to leave him alone. Moltor was not about to stop. Mack ran towards Moltor and morphed. Moltor and Red Ranger battled. Moltor yelled at the monster to finish off Tyzonn. Moltor had injured him. Before the monster could do so, Red Ranger battled away from Moltor and once more pushed Tyzonn to safety. Red Ranger and Tyzonn ran away. Moltor and the monster went after them. Moltor and the monster searched the woods for Tyzonn and Red Ranger. Moltor vowed when they found them, Tyzonn would pay.

It had been awhile ago when Moltor first cross the path of Tyzonn. He was in a desert when he spotted the young man. Moltor: Mercurian! Your people's power is known throughout the galaxy. I can use a solider like you in my army. Tyzonn: I'm not here to be in any army. Tyzonn wanted Moltor to step aside. Moltor became angry, did he not know he who he was talking to. But the name Moltor meant nothing to Tyzonn. Moltor and Tyzonn battle. during the battle, the crystal from Tyzonn's bracelet fell out. Moltor had just knocked Tyzonn to the ground. Moltor walked over and stomped the crystal into pieces. Tyzonn became upset and told Moltor he would paid for what he did. Moltor then cursed Tyzonn, turning him into a monster. Tyzonn had no idea what had happened to him and called Moltor a monster. Moltor created a mirror and gave it to Tyzonn, showing him that he was a monster as well. Moltor told Tyzonn he would work for him, and when he was done, he would change him back. Tyzonn reluctantly agreed. It was now present day and Moltor had received some good news. A Lava Lizard had overheard a conversation between Mack and Tyzonn. Bullox was there as well and he reported Moltor's Lavadactyls were almost ready. Moltor returned to his volcano. Moltor knew the Rangers would lead him to Thru diamond. His brother appeared on the screen and asked him his plans were going. Moltor told Flurious how close he was to getting the diamond. Later, Moltor watched his basin as it showed the Power Rangers and Tyzonn battling several Lava Lizards and Bullox. Suddenly the Lavadactyls appeared, piloted by more Lava Lizards. The Lavadactyls could go into the crater and retrieve the diamond. Moltor was very pleased with how his plan was working. Unfortunately for Moltor, Mr. Hartford sent the Sonic Streaker. Red Ranger and Tyzonn entered the Sonic Streaker and used it to destroy the Lavadactyls and retrieve the diamond. The rest of the Rangers had destroyed the remaining Lava Lizards and now blasted Bullox a powerful blow. Moltor appeared and resurrected Bullox and made him grow to giant size. Moltor's plans failed as Sonic Streaker returned and combined with the Megazord to form the Drive Max Ultrazord. The Drive Max Ultrazord destroyed Bullox and the returned to their base with Torhu diamond.

Moltor was leading several lava Lizards. He had a map that he had stolen from a museum in Norway. The map was to lead them to Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor. Suddenly the Rangers arrived. Moltor had the Lava Lizards battle the Rangers. The Lava Lizards fought well against the Rangers, but they were eventually destroyed by the Rangers. Moltor was ready to take on all six Rangers. Moltor, with powerful blasts, knocked the Rangers off their feet and they were demorphed. Nothing was going to stop Moltor and he vanished. Moltor went to his volcano. he was very surprised to see Norg there. Norg told him he had left Flurious and wanted to join his army. Moltor wanted nothing to do with Norg. Norg offered several Chiller stones. Moltor realized his army could do better with the Chillers and welcome Norg aboard. Norg was happy and thought they were going on a treasure hunt. Moltor quickly put him in his place, by telling him he was to keep the place clean. Norg gave him a salute as Moltor left with several more Lava Lizards. Moltor once more began searching for Thor's hammer. They were on the beach, when once more, the Rangers appeared. Moltor threw out several Chiller stones and several Chillers emerged. Moltor knew the Chillers would keep the Ranges busy. Moltor walked off with his Lava Lizards and left the Chillers to battle the Rangers. After awhile, Moltor and his Lava Lizards were stopped, this time by Mercury Ranger. Moltor tossed out more Chiller stones. The Chillers appeared and Mercury Ranger and Black Ranger battled them. Moltor continued on his way with his Lava Lizards. He soon spotted the place, but Mercury Ranger already had Thor's hammer. Moltor battles Mercury Ranger and gets the hammer. Black Ranger has now arrived. Moltor uses the hammer against Mercury Ranger. Mercury Ranger is knocked to the ground and demorphs. Black Ranger tries to help by using his Hovertek cycle. Moltor uses the hammer once more and knocks Black Ranger out. Several stones start to fall and a boulder falls on top of Will. Moltor laughs and walks away. But it is not over yet. Tyzonn managed to free Will and now the rest of the Rangers have arrived. Moltor has his Lava Lizards battled the Rangers. The Rangers destroyed the Lava Lizards. Moltor uses his hammer and resurrects three of the Lava Lizards and makes them grow large. The Rangers quickly formed their Megazord. Moltor then uses the hammer and the Lava Lizards grow even larger than the Megazord. The Rangers battled the Lava Lizards and destroy two of them. On the ground, Mercury Ranger and Moltor battle. Moltor loses the hammer to Mercury Ranger. Mercury Ranger then forms his Megazord and joins in the battle. The last Lava Lizard is destroyed. Moltor is furious, but vows he is not done yet. Moltor returns to his volcano to find Norg sitting on his throne in his underwear. Moltor is not happy with Norg and tells him his Chiller stones were useless. Norg decides he is going back to Flurious. Norg tells Moltor that he is glad that Flurious destroyed his sled, even though he likes sleds. Moltor is enraged as Norg hurries out.

Moltor and his Lava Lizards arrived in Mexico. The teens were there, along with "Thor" to break apart a stone they believe held the next jewel of the Corona Aurora. The teens morphed. Moltor and his Lava Lizards battled the Rangers. Moltor and his Lava Lizards were doing well against the Rangers. Yellow Ranger called out to "Thor" to help them. But "Thor" was only concerned with breaking the stone. The battle continued until the sky began to rumble. Suddenly Thor was there. Moltor decided two Thors was too many and he and his Lava Lizards retreated. Later, Moltor arrived in Mexico once more. The teens had just broken through the stone and found another artifact with a strong jewel reading. Ronny had given Thor, the real one, his hammer back and Thor had just vanished after wishing the teens well on their mission. The teens were ready to head back to home when Moltor struck. The teens were caught off ground as they were blasted off their feet and hit the ground. Tyzonn had let go of the compass, which was the artifact they had just found. Moltor quickly grabbed the compass. Moltor vanished with the compass before the teens could react.

Inside his volcano, Moltor sat on his throne and run his fingers over the compass. He was very pleased with himself. Moltor: All mine. Moltor then laughed. Blothgaar: Greetings Moltor. Moltor: Blothgaar! Welcome my old friend. Blothgaar: So, it's true. You have found the Paedra Aztec Del compass. Moltor: Yes. Moltor was ready to show off the compass. He aimed the compass at a Lava Lizard and the Lava Lizard fell into the pit. Moltor and Blothgaar laughed. Moltor asked Blothgaar if he knew of the compass work. Blothgaar did. Moltor wanted Blothgaar to use the compass against the Rangers and destroy them. Blothgaar was more than eager. Later, Moltor and Blothgaar were walking in the mountains, toward a valley. Blothgaar had used the compass on the Rangers, defeated them, and given Red Ranger bad luck. Moltor and Blothgaar reached the end of a ridge and peered down. Beneath the valley was great power. The compass was used and the valley broke apart with a glow emanating from beneath. The Rangers were suddenly there. Moltor and Blothgaar laughed when they saw how Red Ranger was dressed. Red Ranger had a sombrero, dirty socks, a torn shirt, a scarf and carrying a potted plant. Red Ranger was using his friends' good luck charms and called on them now to help him. But the good luck charms did not work right away. A boulder ran over Red Ranger, and then a thunderstorm broke out above him. The rest of the Rangers wanted to help Red Ranger, but Moltor had several Lava Lizards keep the rest of the Rangers busy. Eventually, Red Ranger got the compass, defeated Blothgaar, and had the bad luck reverse. With the Rangers rejoicing, Moltor managed to get away. He spotted his friend crawling towards the ridge, wanting to get to the power. Blothgaar told Moltor the Rangers were tougher than he thought. Moltor told Blothgaar today was his lucky day and kicked him into the ravine. The Rangers arrived and Moltor told them they were too late. Behind Moltor, Blothgaar had grown to giant size. Unfortunately for Moltor, the Rangers were able to destroy Blothgaar with their two Megazords.

Moltor was inside his volcano, sitting on his throne, when the Fearcats entered, with several unconscious Lava Lizards. Mig: Moltor! Moltor: I see you don't believe in knocking. Benglo: When we're attacked, we take it as an open door policy to visit you. Moltor: You brought presents. Unfortunately I already have Lava Lizards. The Fearcats tossed the Lava Lizards to the ground. Mig: And they will all end up like this. Moltor: end up like what? Moltor snapped his fingers and a sparkle fell over the Lava Lizards. Moltor: Lizards! The Lava Lizards got up as though nothing had happened to them. The Fearcats were not happy. Moltor: Please excuse my little joke. I wanted to see you and worried that a simple invitation would go unheeded. So, I let you think you got the better of me and it worked. This made the Fearcats even more mad and they were about to leave, but Moltor stopped them. Moltor wanted to give the Fearcats invincible armor, so that they can destroy the Power Rangers. Moltor had a map that lead to the super armor and gave it to the Fearcats. Benglo caught the map and the Fearcats left. Later, Moltor was very angry. The Fearcats had gotten the super armor, but they did not destroyed the Power Rangers. The Fearcats were defeated and the Power Rangers had taken the super armor. Moltor was so angry he needed to destroy something. He aimed his fury at several Lava Lizards, and they hurried out of the room.

Moltor had received a box telling him if he wanted the jewels of the Corona Aurora, he needed to come to a cave. Moltor did so. Inside the cave was the Fearcats, Flurious, and Norg. Soon Kamdor and Miratrix arrived as well. Kamdor was angry and assumed Flurious had been the one to transport them. But Flurious told them no, he had been invited as well. Soon a creature entered the room and told them he was Thrax. Miratrix recognized the name and told the others Thrax had been banished. Thrax told them like Moltor and Flurious, he had encountered Sentinel Knight. Thrax and Sentinel Knight had battled. Sentinel Knight had banished Thrax to a dumpster on the moon. Thrax was done talking about himself. Thrax had pointed out that Moltor and the rest wanted the jewels and only one thing had stopped them, the Power Rangers. Kamdor told Thrax the Rangers were powerful. Thrax agreed, but so would they be if they worked together. Moltor and the rest. were outrage, none wanted to work with the other. Thrax suggested a temporary alliance until they destroyed the Rangers. Then they could plunder the Earth for the jewels. Moltor and the rest agreed. Moltor and the rest entered the city, along with several Chillers and Lava Lizards. Thrax announced they would be the ones responsible for the Rangers' demise. Soon the Power Rangers arrived. Moltor and the rest battle the Rangers. It was an easy battle. Thrax told Moltor and the rest to combine their evil energy. Moltor and the rest did so and the universal morphing grid was greatly damaged. The Operation Overdrive Rangers were demorphed and no more. Suddenly Sentinel Knight appeared in front of the teens. Moltor and the rest wanted to destroy Sentinel Knight. Thrax told them there was only one thing that could destroy Sentinel Knight and he knew where it was. Sentinel Knight vanished, along with the teens. Moltor and the rest were pleased. Later, Moltor, Kamdor, Miratrix, the Fearcats, Norg, and Thrax were in the cave when Flurious stormed in, trailed by Chillers. Flurious had been defeated by a new set of Rangers, as had Mig and Kamdor earlier. The new set of Rangers included Green Mystic Force Power Ranger, Red S.P.D. Power Ranger, Yellow Dino Thunder Power Ranger, Blue Ninja Storm Power Ranger, and Black Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. Flurious told Thrax that he had told them there would be no more Power Rangers. Instead new ones were popping up like geraniums. Norg added he liked geraniums. No one pay any attention to Norg. Thrax reassured Moltor and the rest that they would destroy the Rangers. Thrax had a monster for them to use in their next battle. As Moltor and the rest battled the Rangers, Thrax planned to have his revenge on Sentinel Knight.

Moltor, the Fearcats, Kamdor, Miratrix, and Flurious were inside the cave. Not one of them was happy. Benglo: We're no better off now, than we were before. Moltor: He's right. We've got new Rangers and no jewels. Thrax's plan is failing. Miratrix: Speaking of Thrax...where is he? Flurious: My troops are keeping an eye on the new Rangers. But maybe they should be keeping an eye on Thrax. Later, Moltor and the rest of the villains, including Thrax, were in the city. They found the fallen Vulturus. Earlier a giant Vultures had battled the five Rangers in their Megazords. During the battle, Mack had come running up with the Excelsior sword and battle Vulturus. Vulturus was hurt. Thrax was confused, this was not suppose to happen. Flurious told him that with the Rangers it was going good to be have a plan B. Flurious took one of his gyros and placed it inside Vulturus. Vulturus immediately was revived. Once Vulturus was okay, Moltor and the rest of the villains went to face down the eleven teens. Thrax was once more upset, he had taken the Operation Overdrive teens ranger powers, but now they had it back. The teens morphed. Moltor and the rest of the villains battled the Power Rangers. With so many Rangers, the battle wasn't as easy as it was before. Moltor battled Blue Ninja Storm Power Ranger and Pink Operation Overdrive Power Ranger. Moltor even had his Lava Lizards battling, but it was a difficult battle for Moltor. The Fearcats battle Green Mystic Power Ranger, Blue Operation Overdrive Ranger and Black Operation Overdrive Ranger. Mercury Ranger would eventually destroy Vulturus. Then Sentinel Knight appeared and destroyed Thrax. The Rangers faced Moltor and the remaining villains and blasted them off their feet. Moltor and the remaining villains got up. Moltor thought it would be best to just go after the jewels. Miratrix taunted not unless they got there first. The evil alliance was no more as Moltor and the remaining villains vanished.

Moltor was inside his giant robot. He started to turn things on. Moltor: Gyro generator, engage. The robot seemed to be gearing up fine. Moltor: Yes, come to life. Perfect. The control panel began to shook off sparks. Moltor: Arrrg, no!! Moltor got out of the robot and went down below. Mig and Benglo were there. Moltor complained to them. The Fearcats had supplied him with a gyro from Flurious, but it did not work. Moltor was angry, but the Fearcats were not concern. There were other ways to get the jewel that they wanted. The Fearcats left and they soon had a plan, which they told Moltor. The Fearcats arrived in the city and began terrorizing the citizens. Soon enough the Power Rangers and Sentinel Knight arrived. Which is what the Fearcats wanted. The Power Rangers were confident, they had the Sentinel Knight on their side. The Fearcats were confident as well as Moltor appeared. Moltor and the Fearcats battled the Power Rangers and Sentinel Knight. During the battle, the Fearcats captured Yellow Ranger. Sentinel Knight turned himself into the Sentinel sword so Black Ranger could use it to help Yellow Ranger. Moltor felt he deserved a prize as well and grabbed Black Ranger and the Sentinel sword. With the two Rangers captured and Sentinel sword, Moltor and the Fearcats vanished. Moltor and the Fearcats, along with several Lava Lizards, went to the woods. Ronny and Will were tied to a tree. Moltor slammed the Sentinel sword into the ground and placed a containment field around it. The Fearcats were not happy with Moltor, Black Ranger and Sentinel Knight had not been part of the plan. Moltor wanted to convert Sentinel Knight to evil, but the Fearcats felt Sentinel Knight was too powerful. Moltor was confident that he could do it, or have Sentinel Knight destroyed. The Fearcats asked about Black Ranger. Moltor reassured the Fearcats that he would destroy Black Ranger. Will and Ronny had escaped. Moltor, the Fearcats, and the Lava Lizards chase after them. Ronny was recaptured, but Will had manage to get away. The Fearcats took Ronny to their hideout. Moltor entered with several Lava Lizards and the Sentinel sword. Moltor placed the Sentinel sword into the control panel of the converter. The Fearcats dragged Ronny up to the converter. The converter was turned on, and soon Ronny's power was being drained. Moltor watched until he felt he had enough power for his robot. Moltor sent the power to his robot. The Fearcats were angry. The Fearcats wanted Moltor to continue until the draining of Ronny's power was complete. Moltor told the Fearcats they could finish. Moltor and the Fearcats battle and Moltor left. Moltor entered his robot and was pleased with the power it now had. Moltor took off in his robot. Soon four Rangers arrived, in their two Megazords. Moltor was pleased when a giant Sentinel Knight arrived and fought alongside Moltor. Sentinel Knight battled Mercury Ranger in the FlashPoint Megazord, while Moltor battled Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Pink Ranger in their Megazord. Moltor released dozens of Lavadactyls onto the Rangers as well. The Rangers' Megazord broke apart and the Rangers fell into the ocean. Moltor was happy, he had defeated them. But it didn't last long. The three Rangers were now battling him and the Lavadactyls with new Battle Fleet zords. Moltor kept up the battle. Very quickly, Moltor's robot ran out of power. Moltor had no choice but to retreat.

Moltor was inside the Fearcats' hideout, along with the Fearcats, Sentinel Knight and several Lava Lizards. The converter was still draining Ronny of her power. Moltor was impatient and anxious to use the power. He told the Fearcats the converter was taking too long. The Fearcats disagree, after all who would find them. Just then the screen showed Will and Norg approaching the outside of the hideout. Moltor sent three Lava Lizards to deal with Will and Norg. Moltor was ready to use the power. He left the room. Will had defeated the Lava Lizards and had entered the hideout. Moltor found him. Moltor taunted Will. Will morphed. Moltor and Black Ranger battled. Moltor told Black Ranger he would not make it in time to save his friend. Black Ranger defeated Moltor and continued with his search. Moltor recovered and left. He entered his giant robot and placed the egg within the panel. Moltor was confident he had enough power. Moltor entered the battle. The Fearcats had been battling the Rangers, including Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger, and Sentinel Knight. Moltor arrived and five of the Rangers formed the new Battle Fleet Megazord. Moltor battled the five Rangers. On the ground, Mercury Ranger battled Benglo and Mig battled Sentinel Knight. The Rangers destroyed the giant robot. Moltor managed to eject in time. The Fearcats retreated.

Moltor was out with his Lava Lizards. One of the Lava Lizards kneel before him and presented him with the Root of Heisker. Moltor was very pleased. The moment did not last long. Yellow Ranger and Red Ranger arrived. Moltor and his Lava Lizards battled the two Rangers. Red Ranger transform into Red Sentinel Ranger, but it was not enough. Moltor and the Lava Lizards soon had him back to Red Ranger. Blue Ranger arrived and the battle continued. Eventually the Lava Lizards were destroyed. And it didn't end there. Benglo used super speed and took the Root of Heisker from Moltor. Moltor was furious. Flurious walked up with the Staff of Minerva. But he lost it to Mig. The two Fearcats laughed at Moltor and Flurious. The Fearcats told Moltor he was a big as a threat as a wet match. Kamdor and Miratrix walked up. The Sands of Sila had been taken from them. The Fearcats mocked all four of them. Pink Ranger and Black Ranger arrived. The Fearcats placed the three relics into the Octavian Chalice. A giant Agrios appeared. The Fearcats used their machinery and attached it to the Agrios. The five Rangers formed their Megazord. Moltor and the rest watch as the Rangers battled the Fearcats and eventually their Megazord was defeated. The five Rangers then formed another Megazord. The battle continued, and the Rangers were defeated. The Fearcats, still inside their machinery, slammed their fist on the cliff Moltor and the rest stood on. Moltor and the rest fell down. The Fearcats told them they now bowed down to them. The Fearcats left in triumph.

Moltor walked up, along with Flurious and joined Miratrix and Kamdor as they watch the FlashPoint Megazord was battling the Fearcats in the giant Agrios. Only the Red Ranger was operating the Megazord. Moltor and the rest were not happy to see the Fearcats winning. Flurious told them he may actually hate the Fearcats more than the Power Rangers. Eventually four more Rangers arrived and three Megazord were formed. The battle began to tip more in the Rangers favor, much to Moltor and the rest's delight. More backup was sent to the Rangers, along with the Sentinel sword. Then Mercury Ranger arrived as well, after destroying Crazer. Moltor and the rest watched as the Rangers destroyed Agrios. The battled continued on the ground until the Rangers destroyed Benglo and Mig. The Fearcats were no more. Later, Moltor contacted Flurious in his ice den. Norg was there as well. Flurious offered Moltor a chance to work for him. Moltor was outrage and turned it down. Flurious warned him he would only make the offer once, but Moltor still refused. Moltor vowed he would get the jewels before Flurious and vanished from the screen.

Moltor was looking at his screen. He was watching the teens in Egypt. The teens were inside a tomb and were trying to open a sealed stone box, that they believed contain the fifth jewel of the Corona Aurora. Will tried to break into the stone box, but he could not. Rose, bored, had begun looking around the place. Rose flash her flashlight onto the wall, which had a drawing on it. Rose told the teens that according to what she had read, they would need that key to unlock the box. Moltor laughed. Moltor was ready to find the Tri-Dragon key.

Moltor was inside his volcano. It was shaking and he had a hard time just standing. Moltor: Now that the Fearcats, Kamdor and Miratrix are gone, only Flurious stands in my way. But I have the crown and another secret weapon. My lair is growing unstable. There is not much time. Moltor and his monster, Magmadore, went to Japan and searched for the Tri-Dragon key. Moltor and Magmadore soon ran into the teens, who were also searching for the key. The teens morphed. Moltor battled Mercury Ranger. Magmadore battled the rest of the Rangers. Magmadore had the ability to replicate the Rangers' weapons and this may the Rangers' battle more difficult. Eventually Moltor defeated Mercury Ranger. Moltor walked over to where the key was hidden. Moltor was surprised when the key flew out of it's hiding spot and then buried itself beneath the ground. Moltor became angry, but he was determined to get the key. Later, Moltor and Magmadore came upon a waterfall. Magmadore had used his tentacles to search the key and believed the key was hidden behind the waterfall. Before Moltor and Magmadore could act, the Rangers arrived. Moltor and Magmadore battled the Rangers once more. Magmadore grew to giant size. Suddenly Sentinel Knight arrived and began battling Magmadore. Red Ranger told Mercury Ranger to help Sentinel Knight out. Mercury Ranger formed his FlashPoint Megazord and battled alongside Sentinel Knight. Moltor continued his battle on the ground against the rest of the Rangers. Eventually Magmadore was destroyed. Moltor was upset, but still determined. The Tri-Dragon key came out of it's hiding spot and began to fly towards Moltor. Before Moltor could take the key, Black Ranger leaped in front of him and grabbed the key. Moltor was outraged. Moltor was then defeated by the Rangers. Moltor returned to his lair. Although he did not have the key, he was sure he could get the jewels another way. Moltor was very surprised when Mack walked in. Mack morphed into Red Ranger. Moltor and Red Ranger battled. It was an intense battle and Moltor's lair continued to crumble around them. The Lava Lizards were destroyed. The rest of the Rangers arrived. The Rangers convinced Red Ranger he had to go. Moltor laid in a heap as he watched the Rangers leave. Moltor was very weak and had no choice. Moltor traveled to the very north and entered Flurious' ice den. He had the crown and a prisoner, Vella. Moltor told the surprised Flurious that he wanted to join forces with him and told him Vella was important to the mercurian. Moltor stumbled to the ground. Flurious told Norg to take care of the prisoner. Flurious walked over to Moltor to take the care Moltor had offered. Moltor was very reluctant to let go of the crown, but he eventually did. Flurious told Moltor he looked tired and to have a seat on his throne. Moltor told Flurious he was very kind as Flurious lead him to the throne. Moltor sat on the throne. Flurious told Moltor he was not kind enough. Before Moltor could do anything, Flurious used his staff to freeze him. Flurious then shattered Moltor into hundreds of pieces.