Goujyujin (豪獣神 Gōjūjin?, lit. "Brave Beast God") is Gokai Silver's personal giant robot that combines the greater powers of the Abaranger Keys, the Zyuranger Keys, and the Timeranger Keys. Goujyujin is normally in its Time Jet-like Goujyu Drill (豪獣ドリル Gōjū Doriru?) mode, summoned from the Provider Base in 3000 AD to the present with the Time Fire Key and is equipped with the Goujyu Cannons (豪獣キャノン Gōjū Kyanon?). Once the Dragon Ranger Key is used, the mecha assumes the Dragon Caesar-like Goujyu Rex (豪獣レックス Gōjū Rekkusu?) mode which can use its tail drill as a weapon and fires the Goujyu Laser (豪獣レーザー Gōjū Rēzā?) from its mouth. Once the Abare Killer Key is used to assume its AbarenOh-like robot mode, Goujyujin can use change its right arm from Drill Mode (ドリルモード Doriru Mōdo?) to either Shield Mode (シールドモード Shīrudo Mōdo?) for defense or Trident Mode (トライデントモード Toraidento Mōdo?) for slashing attacks. Goujyujin's finishing attack is the Goujyu Triple Drill Dream (豪獣トリプルドリルドリーム Gōjū Toripuru Doriru Dorīmu?) causing Goujyujin to split into its three modes before remerging at the drill tip to land the threefold drill attack when all three Ranger Keys are used.

Goujyu DrillEdit

Goujyu Drill
  • Height: 22.2m
  • Width: 25.5m
  • Length: 54.0m
  • Weight: 1400t
  • Speed: 400km/h
  • Power: 700 million horsepower

Future drilling will be summoned in combat tank of the time Rangers great power. Good at ranged combat, Gate 12 "beast Canon Australia" visit from a cannonade. In addition, the tip of a giant drill to break through in spite of all obstacles, completely crushed.

Goujyu RexEdit

Goujyu Rex
  • Height: 37.6m
  • Width: 20.1m
  • Length: 50.3m
  • Weight: 1400t
  • Speed: 300km/h
  • Power: 700 million horsepower

Type giant robot dinosaurs fighting with great power to transform the Juurenja. Good at close combat rough, slams a thick tail, sharp fangs and bite with jaws robust to attack. Mortal is to fire a laser beam through the mouth, "Australian Veterinary Laser."


  • Height: 38.8m
  • Width: 28.5m
  • Weight: 1400t
  • Speed: 350km/h
  • Power: 900 million horsepower

Giant robot combat type of Abaranger 爆竜 deformed by great power. Good fight in any situation. The right arm drill, as well as manipulating the spear fight, to attack the three crotch and then blitz shock "Trident mode" and bounce the enemy's attack will be greatly expanded "shield mode" deformed. Mortal "triple drill Australian Veterinary Dream" is a beast with God in Australia, Australian Veterinary drill, drill to destroy the enemies of this type in the three Australian Veterinary lined Rex.