Centaurus Wolf Megazord
Centaurus Wolf Megazord 2

When Titan size Koragg chants Uthe Mejor Ultimas, he combines with Catastros to form the dark Centaurus Wolf Megazord. Its main attacks are the Dark Magic Spell Seal and Dark Magic Strike. This combination proved to be more powerful than the five Mystic Titans, and Mystic Dragon. It also proved to be stronger than the Titan Megazord, however it was defeated when the Titan Megazord used its new Titans Attack. Another attack the Centaurus Wolf Megazord used on the Manticore Megazord was its Counter Attack. Now that Koragg is now Leanbow again, the Centaurus Wolf Megazord can also use the Titan Megazord's Mystic Spell Seal attack.

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