Catastros is a black Horse Zord controlled by Koragg the Knight Wolf. He is referred to in legend as the wild horse who could not be tamed. During the great war, Catastros was dragged into the depths of the underworld by Octomus and Koragg seemingly managed to tame it and gained Catastros as his personal Zord. To summon Catastros, Koragg recites the spell Uthe Mejor Catastros. It forms the lower half of the Centaur Megazord mode while its head becomes Koragg's lance. For the Centaurus Wolf/Phoenix Megazord formation, Catastros forms the majority of the body while its tail & head each form the helmet for either formation while the other combines with the neck to form the Lance. Now that Leanbow has returned and assumed the form of the Wolf Warrior, it is unknown if he still has control over Catastros, nor is it known if he can still transform with him.